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03 December 2007 @ 10:52 am
Prods from the mods...  

Firstly, we have extended the deadline for the caption contest. The closing date is now December 31. If you're worried that your comment would be inappropriate/dull, don't despair - we're screening the comments and you'll be allowed to resubmit.

Secondly, we'd like to announce our Christmas contest. The rules are simple: submit an R/Hr Christmas centred fan fiction or fan art. For example:

  • Ron and Hermione's first Christmas together
  • Opening presents at The Burrow
  • Ron surviving his first Muggle Christmas crowd
  • Ron's first Muggle Christmas

Please use the tag "Christmas contest 2007" and utilise appropriate warnings, ratings and LJ-cuts.

Entries are due by December 24. You can vote for your favourite from December 26 to December 31. The winner will receive two months paid LJ time.

Good luck!

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