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Ron/Hermione Is Canon

Long Live House-elves!

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ron/hermione is canon
The name says it all! We are a proud community that now indulges in the canonical glory that is Ron/Hermione. Seven years of pent up passion between two endearing and wonderful Harry Potter characters finally culminates in the revelation of what we have always known. And we bloody well love it!
Ron and Hermione are now happily married with two children, Hugo and Rose. Scarily enough, this truly is canon. >D
Your friendly neighbourhood moderators are dumblydore and oogata. Please talk to us if you have any issues or just want to say hi! We won't bite, although we will hex you if you don't follow the rules, which shouldn't happen anyway since we're a very laidback sort.

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All spoilers are accepted (including DH). In fact, we heartily encourage any post-Deathly Hallows discussion and creativity. ;D All fics, art, comments, icons, reviews are welcome, so long as they strictly, or mainly, pertain to Ron/Hermione. This community primarily concerns itself with the canon relationship between Ron and Hermione, not so much the film depiction of the relationship; the latter will not be emphasised, but is permitted for discussion, etc.

General Housekeeping
1. NO FLAMES WHATSOEVER. We do not bash the other ships. We respect each other's opinions and critique one another constructively. We all love Ron/Hermione.
2. Any fan fics or art must include a title, description, rating, and ships and/or other warnings. These should be able to be viewed prior to the LJ-cut. Ratings should follow the standard conventions of: NC-17, R, PG-13, PG, G.
3. A maximum of three icons are permitted to be previewed. The rest must go via an external link or under an LJ-cut.
4. Similarly, long fan fics must be placed under an LJ-cut.
5. To minimise confusion, the tags system should be adopted - accepted tags are: fan art, fan fiction, fan videos, icons, manips, theories, fan mixes, wallpapers, banners, movies, essays, promotion
6. NO PROMOTION OF OTHER COMMUNITIES, unless specifically related to Ron/Hermione. Not exclusively Ron Weasley. Nor Hermione Granger.